Celebes Divers – The Dive Center

Both resorts, Mapia and Onong, have their own Padi 5 Star Dive Center. At the Mapia Resort in Manado the dive center includes a gear room and a workshop. If you stay at the Onong Resort Siladen you will usually also be checked in at the Mapia Resort before proceeding to the island. The Onong Resort also has a fully equipped dive center with workshop, compressors, equipment room, camera room and cleaning facilities.

We offer full service valet diving: All you have to do is to unpack your dive equipment when you arrive. From there-on our crew will take care of everything and the equipment will always be ready for you whenever you need it to be. Our crew will set up the dive gear for every dive and wash and dry it thereafter. In short, at Celebes Divers we offer true full service diving!

Diving with our marine Biologist

To be able to better immerse yourself into the fascinating underwater world of Sulawesi, we offer evening events and individual dives with our resident marine biologist. With this interesting additional information about the versatile fauna in the Bunaken National Park, diving in Indonesia will become an even more special experience for you.

Diving with a private guide

Especially for Photographers but also for anyone else who would like to get that extra service and attention, we offer for an extra fee individual dives with private guides.

Diving & Snorkeling from Mapia and Onong

Diving & Snorkeling from Mapia Resort

From Mapia Resort most dives take place along the coast of the mainland. Most dive sites here are a “mix” of the Lembeh Strait and the Bunaken Marine Park. Some of the strangest and rarest creatures live on and in the black volcanic sand, including frogfishes in all colours, harlequin ghost pipefish and flamboyant cuttlefish, to name just a few. You may start your dive on black sand, spotting rare and bizarre critters and nudibranchs, before continuing your dive over a coral reef or along a small colourful wall.

The House Reef, which is only a few meters from the shore, is home to a wide variety of fishes and critters and is a must for a relaxing afternoon dive and, especially, for a night dive.

On request we organize day trips to Bunaken Marine Park for its amazing wall dives.

We also offer Blue-Light night dives with that will show you the underwater world in a (literally) totally new light.

Diving & Snorkeling from Onong Resort

Starting from Onong Resort diving is primarily in the Bunaken Marine Park, famous in the world for its biodiversity and breathtaking wall dives. The dive sites are mainly located around the island of Bunaken but also around Manado Tua and Siladen.
Usually diving begins along beautiful cliffs that seem to get lost in the depths, covered by an incredible variety of corals, sponges, anemones and populated by large schools of fish, turtles, white tip and black tip reef sharks and ends in magnificent coral gardens on top of the reef.
There is often a bit of current, from mild to strong; For this reason, all dives are organized as if there was a current. All dives, except the house reef dives, are from the boat.
A guided house reef dive from the shore is possible at any time upon request, to explore the beautiful wall in front of the resort and the stunning coral garden bathed in sunlight.
The majority of divespots are very suitable also for snorkeling, because the upper part of the reef is full of life up to the very surface of the water. There is also beautiful and easily accessible snorkeling at the housereef of the Onong Resort
Very interesting as well are our dive sites at the coast north of Manado, which are easily reachable from Siladen and which are  characterized by sandy bottoms next to coral reefs, crowded with an incredible variety of critters.
We also organize regular night dives and sunset dives to watch the mandarin fish mating.

Dive Gear & Equipment

Our dive shop has 15 complete sets of rental gear and equipment in different sizes and 150 aluminum tanks with INT and DIN connectors. The rental gear is serviced at our own workshop to ensure that everything is in perfect working condition at all times.

It is recommended to that you let us know at the time of your booking if rental gear or equipment is required, and in which size. Otherwise, we can not guarantee availability of your preferred gear if we have many divers using rental gear at the resort.

Our 3 Coltri Air Compressors as well as the Atlas Copco Nitrox Compressors are serviced to international standards in strict accordance to the service & maintenance schedule of the manufacturer.


Of course, Nitrox is available at both Mapia Resort and Onong Resort for Nitrox-certified divers. Please inform us at the time of booking if you wish to dive with Nitrox.

Dive Boats

Our fleet comprises of two large and one smaller traditional fiberglass boats – locally called “Perahu”. On these dive boats you will have a comfortable and relaxing journey to the dive sites. The boats have a spacious fully covered dressing and seating area, a sun deck, a toilet, and lots of space to get ready for the dive in a relaxed manner. The boats also carry a fresh water box for cameras.

The larger boats can accommodate 14 divers each, the speedboat 6. Our crews will ensure the highest degree of safety and comfort throughout the dive trips including our “full service-diving”. In-between dives fresh fruits and cookies will be served and cold water, hot water, coffee and tea are available throughout the dive trip.

All boats are equipped with emergency oxygen supply and a first aid set and our crews are trained for the case of an emergency. The next decompression chamber is located at Malalayang hospital in Manado only around 3 km from Mapia Resort.

For the ultimate diving experience the dive groups are limited to 4 divers and an experienced dive guide! Thereby everybody has ample time and room to observe, to film or to photograph even the smallest of critters and it also ensures maximum safety for all our divers. The dive groups are normally arranged according to experience, level of certification or the individual requests by the guests, to ensure that all divers enjoy their dives to the max! Sufficiently certified and experienced divers may also dive in a buddy team without a dive guide on Mapia House Reef.

PADI Courses & Specialties

In both facilities we offer courses in Italian, German, English, Spanish and French. Three instructors work at Celebes Divers.
We offer the following courses and specialty courses:

PADI Courses

Half-day try-diving in the swimming-pool with some fun games for the kids.
Minimum age 8 years

Discover Scuba Diving:
Half-day course to try diving in the ocean – doesn’t give you a permanent certification.
Minimum age 10 years – Maximum depth 12m

Open Water Diver:
We offer four-day and three-day courses. It’s mandatory for the three-day course to have finished the eLearning for the section Open Water. In the four-day course there will be one-day classroom, one-day pool-training and two-day diving in the ocean. Both courses gives you a permanent diving certification for dives with any other certified diver. Minimum age 10 years

Advanced Open Water Diver:
Two-day course with one deep-dive to a max of 30 m, one navigation dive and three more dives with focus of your choice. Minimum age 12 years.

Adventure Diver:
One-day course with three different focused adventure dives of your choice. Minimum age 10 years.

Emergency First Responder – EFR:
One-day CPR and First Aid course for all daily life situations, not only for divers.

Rescue Diver:
Four-day course with one day in the classroom and three days rescue-training in the ocean including ten exercises and two scenarios. Minimum age 12 years.

Dive master:
For Dive master please send us an email for more information to info(@)celebesdivers.com.


  • Enriched air Nitrox
  • Deep Dive (max. 40 Meter)
  • Drift Dive
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Underwater Navigator
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Wreck Diver
  • Digital Underwater Photography
  • Project Aware
  • Aware Coral Reef Conservation

Dive Sites Map

Additional Information

Additional information for divers and snorkelers

  • All visitors, divers and not divers, must necessarily pay tax for the entry fee to the National Marine Park of Bunaken. You pay it at the Resort.
  • It is mandatory for all divers to have a recognized dive insurance. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details.
  • All divers must carry a safety buoy.
  • The mandarin fish dive and the night dive are not possible on the same day.
  • We offer a day trip to the Strait of Lembeh. The day trip includes three dives, the journey to / from Lembeh by car and lunch. It is only possible starting from Mapia (see price list for the supplement).
  • We also offer a day trip to Bangka and Lihaga Island. The day trip includes three dives, the journey with our boat and lunch. It is only possible starting from Onong Resort. (see price list for the supplement).
  • Diving without a guide is possible only from the Mapia Resort and only for experienced divers.
  • All dives are made within the limits of depth and according to the guidelines recommended by Padi.
  • Snorkelers can accompany divers on the same boat (see price list).

Diving Etiquette

Not only because we dive in a marine national park but also because we think that we owe it to the environment, the following rules apply for all our guests who are diving or snorkeling:

  • We do not allow divers to wear gloves.
  • Don’t hold on to corals or sponges when diving in currents or while taking pictures.
  • When taking pictures please also be aware of where you are putting your fins and your strobes. Also, avoid too many repetitive macro strobe shots when taking pictures of sensitive animals, like pygmy sea horses or other small fish.
  • We recommend that you bring a pointer stick if you feel more secure using it. But please find your support carefully on uninhabited spots of the reef. We also sell those at our gift shops.
  • Please also refer to the standards of Project AWARE and PADI’s ’10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet’.
  • We’d like to ask our snorkeling guests not to walk around on the reefs.