Minahasa Highland Tour (only from Mapia Resort)

Duration: from 8:00am to approx. 4:00pm

After we leave the resort, a short trip later we reach the market of Pasar Beriman. There we take a look around to see all the things the people of Minahasa offer to sell.

We jump back into the car and drive up to the Volcano Mahawu. The walk up to the top takes one hour, from there you have a great view of the small crater lake. We lunch on Tondano Lake while enjoying the serenity of the lake and its surrounding hills.

Next stop is Lake Linow (the changing colour lake) where coffee and tea will be served. Afterwards we visit the small village of Woloan to see the Minahasan Traditional Style Houses being built, knock down style, ready for delivery or shipping.

The last stop will be at the Buddhist Temple of Pagoda, the most important praying place for Buddhism in North-Sulawesi. On the way back to the Resort you will have the chance to go to the souvenir shops where you can buy little things as gifts. Please ask our driver.

Tangkoko Nature Reserve Tour (only from Mapia Resort)

Duration: from 8:00am to approx. 2:00-3:00pm

The 2-hours trip to this 9.000-hectare nature reserve is quite scenic. Lunch is served in a local restaurant on the way. At the Nature Reserve you’ll be guided by forest rangers (and Safari staff) in search of the Crested Black Macaque (Black Monkey indigenous to North Sulawesi), hornbills and couscous as well as other fauna specific to the reserve. We will then head into the denser part of the jungle when the sun is setting where you’ll (most likely) be able to get photos oft he Tarsius – the world’s smallest primate.

Dolphin Tour (only from Onong Resort)

Duration: from 7:30am to approx. 10:30am

Our dolphin-tour is a unique trip from the Onong Resort  that you shouldn’t miss. Right after an early breakfast, the boat leaves in a Northern direction towards the open ocean. On your way to the dolphins you can relax on the top deck of the boat and enjoy the sun. If you are lucky, you can then already see then whalesharks and pilot whales passing by. Arriving at the dolphin’s playground you will be surprised by how many animals meet there daily to hunt. They also come to the boat to play and jump in the waves and you have the chance to take pictures until your SD-card reaches its limits.

Manado City Tour (only from Mapia Resort)

Duration: from 8:00am to approx. 1:00pm

This 5-hour tour also starts at our Mapia resort. We head off to the fish market auction in the heart of the market place. Inside the hall the open-air vegetable market will overwhelm you. Making our way past all the vendors we arrive at the water’s edge at the building where all the fish for Manado and surrounding areas is sold off by lot auction. All types of fish, from Mahi-Mahi and red snapper to yellow fin tuna are traded here.

A short ride later to the largest Chinese Temple in town everyone will be briefed on the history of the beautiful landmark. Everyone is allowed to enter the temple where photos may be taken.

Afterwards we proceed to the North Sulawesi Provincial Museum where you will be guided through the history of North Sulawesi. Wax figures in traditional costumes stand along numerous artifacts, which predate the colonial period. The last stops are shopping opportunities depending on what you like. We will accompany you to art galleries, arts & crafts or jewelry stores.

Kali Waterfall Tour (only from Mapia Resort)

Duration: from 8:00am to approx. 1:00pm

For all waterfall fans, this is probably the nicest way to spend 5 hours if you need to kill time in Manado. Just a short ride half way up the road to Tomohon you will discover a rural village and enjoy a scenic walk (2km) to the two falls. Wear sneakers or hiking boots, as it can be quite slippery (maybe also bring a change of clothes, t-shirt and shorts).

Be ready for lots of wind blown spray, as the force of the water is pretty intense, causing the mist that is covering everything and everyone. There is a nice bridge that spans the river where you can get some great shots of the waterfall.

Lembeh Strait Day Trip (only from Mapia Resort)

Duration: from 6:30am to approx. 7:00pm

This trip gives you the opportunity to combine your stay at the Mapia resort with diving in the famous Lembeh Strait. We start early in the morning and drive there by car. The divesites are famous for the rare and weird critters who live on the dark volcanic sand bottom and many famous underwater photographers regularly visit the Lembeh Strait on the hunt for these extraordinary creatures. The trip includes three dives which are led by one of our own experienced dive guides. Lunch will be served on the dive boat and we will be back at Mapia for dinner.

Bangka Island Day Trip (only from Onong Resort)

Duration: from 7:30am to approx. 5:00pm

This trip offers you the perfect add-on to your stay in the Bunaken National Park. The divesites around Bangka Island vary in many ways from ours, as there you will find pure white sand, spotted with small reefs or underwater pinnacles that are full of life. The trip includes three dives with a lunch at one of the beaches of Bangka or Lihaga Island. The afternoon dive usually takes place around Lihaga Island.
Minimum 4 persons

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