Create your perfect dive holiday in North Sulawesi

The idea behind “Create your perfect dive holiday in North Sulawesi” is to give you utmost flexibility for unforgettable holidays in North Sulawesi. It is completely up to you to pick and choose between different dives and adventures such as diving in world famous dive sites to see macro, big fish, and beautiful coral gardens, to dive at yet unexplored sites in the middle of the coral triangle to go trekking in the beautiful highlands of Manado, or to just relax at the pool or to enjoy the day with a massage in our spa.

You are free to combine the different modules according to your tastes and likes and we make sure that you not only have perfect holidays, but also a wonderful experience that you will talk about for many years to come. We do suggest, however, to include module 1 (Mapia Resort), as that is the most convenient one to deposit whatever luggage you don’t need for your next module and also because only the Mapia module can be split up according to your convenience.

Just send us to info(@) the dates and the modules you would like to purchase and we will arrange the exact schedule for you.

Of course, we are also flexible in terms of additional dives. If you want to do another dive besides the ones that are included in the modules, no problem. We’ll arrange that for you!

Module 1 - Mapia Resort

Diver – starting from: € 490.-
Non diver:  € 300.-

Module 2 - Onong Resort

Diver – starting from: € 530.-
Non diver:  € 350.-

Module 3 - Mountain View

Starting from: € 325.-

Module 4 - Dive into Lembeh

Starting from € 760.-

Module 5 - Sangihe

Starting from: € 1150.-