Starting in May, Celebes Divers will offer some unique Underwater Photography Courses at the Resorts. With the perfect scenery directly in front of us with the Bunaken National Park or the Manado Coastline, it would be a pity if you would miss this change and go home with our any underwater Pictures!

Book “Fundamentals of Photography” or “Advanced Course of Photography” Course and improve your skills!

The Fundamentals of Underwater Photography

For this course you don’t need to know anything about underwater Photography in advance. The program is designed to show you all the basics:

Starting with Underwater photography equipment, you will find answers to questions like “How to choose your underwater camera and memory card” or “How to choose your camera housing, the flashes and the accessories”. Continued by entering and exiting the water safely with your camera system as well as maintenance of your underwater equipment.

Followed by:

Easy physics to take underwater pictures.

  • Diffusion, reflection, absorption and scattering.

Fundamental basics of Photography.

  • Easy rules for correct framing.
  • Understanding the camera’s settings.
  • Understanding “Exposure”: speed shutter, diaphragm, ISO and white balance.

Macro Photography and Wide-Angle Photography.

  • Are we taking a picture of a Sea horse or a Wales Shark?

How to use the flash.  Internal or external flash.

Eco sustainable Photography.

  • Taking underwater photographs in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

In short, what will you learn:

With Fundamentals of Photography, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Underwater Photography at the same time, having fun and respecting the marine environment.

If you don’t have an underwater camera, don’t worry! We can organize one for you.


Advanced Course of Underwater Photography

This course it for everyone who already knows all the basics and has some experience with underwater Photography.


Understand How Cameras Work.

  • Single Reflex Lens and Mirrorless. Type of Sensor.
  • File Format. How to choose your File Format: Jpeg, TIFF, RAW and DNG. Advantage and disadvantage How to choose your Imagine Resolution.

Mastering Photographic Exposure – Learn the Fundamentals.

  • How to Master Apertures
  • Understanding Shutter Speed
  • Exposure Triangle
  • How to use the Camera’s Histogram

Manual Exposure.

  • Creative Exposure: Depth of Field, Shutter Speed and Movement.

Composition – Shoot Better Photos.

  • What is Composition.
  • The rules of (Underwater) composition – Foreground, Background and Negative space.

Master the light: Underwater Strobe Use.  Understanding Light Temperature.

  • Setting your Underwater White balance properly. External Underwater strobes use.

Digital Photography Workflow.  File management.

Processing Images.

  • Contrast, brightness and saturation adjustment. Color adjustment. Sharpening. Cropping.

In short, what will you learn:

With Advanced Course of Photography, you’ll extend your knowledge and skillset and become a good underwater photographer. While doing so, you will enjoy the beauty of the underwater surroundings even more!

We recommend, that you bring your own camera equipment for this course.


Underwater Photography Workshop