Travelers Tips

Immigration and Departure Requirements

  • To enter Indonesia visitors require a passport that is valid for at least another six months from the date of departure (!) from Indonesia.
  • To enter Indonesia a visa is required. But since June 2015 there is no visa necessary for most nationals. You can still buy a visa for USD 35.00 or the equivalent in Euro or Rupiah; only at Jakarta aiport payment can also be made by credit card. Non-EU citizens are advised to check with the relevant places or in the internet on their visa requirements.
  • When leaving travelers no taxes need to be pay.
  • All above information is provided solely for general guidance and Celebes Divers shall not be held liable for its accuracy at the time of your booking. Guests are advised to double-check the entry and exit requirements with the relevant authorities or in the internet.

Money, Credit Card, Debit Card

  • The Indonesian currency is the Rupiah. For latest exchange rates please refer to your bank or to internet.
  • Credit cards are widely accepted but for smaller expenses such as taxi-rides or small purchases in e.g. mini markets you should always carry a bit of cash with you. At some shops a surcharge of a few percent will be charged for payments by credit card.
  • Money can be changed at banks or licensed money changers or at the resort. Another convenient option is to draw Rupiah from ATM’s, same as back home, with your debit card / ATM card and PIN. The debit card / ATM card needs to be linked to either the Maestro or Visa payment networks, which is the case for all reputed banks’ cards nowadays (please check your card).

Health & Precautions

  • Officially no vaccinations or other special precautions are required for travelling to North Sulawesi.
  • We generally recommend to refresh Tetanus and Polio protection, if required.
  • As a general advise we recommend to buy an international medical insurance / travel plan whenever traveling abroad.

Climate & Weather

  • Indonesia enjoys mostly tropical climate with high humidity throughout the year. Same also applies to North Sulawesi.
  • Temperatures range from 26 to 32°C with nights only marginally cooler than days.
  • The seasons in Indonesia are determined by the monsoons and are divided into rainy season and dry season. The rainy season at North Sulawesi lasts from November to January.


  • Light summer clothing made from cotton or linen is ideally suited for days and nights.
  • For adventure tours please bring along suitable shoes.

Customs & Practices

  • The people in North Sulawesi, mostly Christians, are exceptionally friendly and welcoming; interaction between locals and foreigners feels easy and amicable.
  • Yet Indonesia is a relatively conservative country and travellers should dress and behave accordingly please.
    Intimate touches or hugs are not welcomed in public places.
  • Shorts, T-shirts and all usual summer clothing is perfectly fine. Revealing clothing such as mini-dresses or bikini-tops as only tops are generally not appropriate outside of the resort and guests are recommended to refrain from wearing such attire, also to avoid uncomfortable stares from others. (At the resort, guests may of course dress as they wish).
  • Bathing / sunbathing in the nude or topless is prohibited in Indonesia including our resorts.


  • Official language throughout the country and school language is Bahasa Indonesia. That aside, many local and regional languages exist in the many parts of Indonesia.
  • The original languages in North Sulawesi are Manado, Minahasa and Sanghe.
  • In areas with tourism or business including Manado, English is spoken well and wide enough to enable travelers to find their way around easily.


Indonesia has three time zones. North Sulawesi is located in the middle zone and the time difference to Western Europe (excl. Great Britain) is +6 hours during European summer time and +7 hours during European winter time.

Phone & Internet

  • Indonesia uses the same mobile communication technology as Europe, so you can use your mobile here but please, observe the roaming charges.
  • Depending on your requirements, it might be sensible to purchase a local SIM card. The resort staff will be pleased to assist.
  • Both resorts offer free Wifi which is accessible in most (but not all) parts of the resorts. We want to caution you though that the landline-based internet is not as fast and reliable as you might be used to in your home country.
  • If Internet accessibility and speed are really important for you we recommend to purchase an Internet package for your mobile phone or tablet (requires a local SIM card as basis) which is available for as little as Euro 5.00 for 1-month usage. Please note that mobile internet access is not possible at Onong resort due to its rather remote location.


  • There is no fixed rule for tipping in Indonesia. If you enjoyed the service do feel free to reward it with a tip.
  • At the resorts we kindly request that you do no tip selected staff individually but if you enjoyed the service, there is a tip box at the office. With this, all staff including those working behind the scene to make your stay a memorable one, will get rewarded.

Forgot Something? – Shopping in Manado

  • Manado has various malls with well-assorted supermarkets and shops where you should be able to buy almost everything in case you forgot to bring it along. (Not available here are divers’ ear drops though.)
  • The next mall from the Mapia resort is only 15-20 minutes by taxi or microlet (local minibus service, public transport) away.

Souvenirs…. or things WE always appreciate

Even the supermarkets in Manado are well stocked… well, not everything is available that the European managers here are sometimes longing for So, naturally, there is always a little wish list…

So let us do you a favour and fill the voids in your luggage 😉

  • Cheeses
  • A dry Italian red wine
  • Parma ham or other dried/cured meats…
  • Or any other sweet or savory delicacies from your area…
    … would be most welcome and appreciated!

We rest assured that you do read this with a big smile. It is of course only for those of you who really feel like it, or who know the cravings when working abroad for a long time…


  • Typical travel insurances including cancellation, luggage and medical plans are always recommended when traveling.
  • A valid dive and accident insurance is mandatory for diving by Celebes Divers. For EU and Swiss citizen available in Mapia


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