Diving in the Bunaken National Park

Diving & Snorkeling from Kuda Laut Dive Resort and Onong Resort

Starting from Siladen diving is primarily in the Bunaken National Park, which is famous in the world for its biodiversity and breathtaking wall dives. The dive sites are mainly located around the island of Bunaken but also around Manado Tua and Siladen.

Usually diving begins along beautiful cliffs that seem to get lost in the depths, covered by an incredible variety of corals, sponges, anemones and populated by large schools of fish, turtles, white tip and black tip reef sharks and ends in magnificent coral gardens on top of the reef.

There is often a bit of current, from mild to strong. For this reason, all dives are organized as if there was a current. All dives are from the boat.

A guided house reef dive from the shore is possible at any time upon request, to explore the beautiful wall in front of the resorts and the stunning coral garden bathed in sunlight.

The majority of dive spots are very suitable also for snorkeling, because the upper part of the reef is full of life up to the very surface of the water. There is also beautiful and easily accessible snorkeling at the house reef of Kuda Laut and Onong Resorts.

Very interesting as well are our dive sites at the coast north of Manado, which are easily reachable from Siladen and which are characterized by sandy bottoms next to coral reefs, crowded with an incredible variety of critters.

We also organize regular night dives and sunset dives to watch the mandarin fish mating.

Diving & Snorkeling from Kuda Laut Dive Resort and Onong Resort